Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The ridiculous Kchan!

Today was a pretty long day at the hospital compared to the other days, mainly because one of my consults was so zonked out from his cerebral arteriography that he couldn't answer any of my questions about his present medical history. Alas, we waited around for about two hours before calling it quits for the day and deciding we would try again tomorrow morning. We ended up ordering a series of relevant tests from the medical history that we could get from his caretaker, who unfortunately didn't know much and was generally a poor historian. The trials of medicine!

When I open the door, I come home to this:

Yes, that is my beloved baby on top of a door.  It's rather impressive for a cat of her size to be on a door when it's like maybe an inch and a half wide.  

From behind, look at her cute rear!

Kchan understands her predicament when she realizes that she doesn't feel stable on such a small surface area and decides to make the leap to the kitchen cabinet!

The question now is what is she looking at?

Oooh, tasty plant down there (too bad she ate the hell out of that poor plant several days ago when she knocked the vase over >_<!).

Kchan meowed sweetly for help getting down, then quickly realized I was too busy taking photos of her antics and she decided to take matters into her own paws.  She jumped down as easy as she pleased and sauntered off to get herself a little snack from her food bowl. Sigh. Kchan, you are ridiculous!