Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's start with...

A simple introduction! My name is Holly and I'm a 1st year resident. My life has been pretty roller-coaster-ish for the last 8 months as I finished the first chunk of my intern year. Now I'm moving on and completing a few mandatory requirements before starting my 2nd year, where I'll get to dabble in a bunch of subspecialties to find my niche. I hope you'll join me on this journey, where I'll probably talk a little about work, a lot about fashion and food with a lot of pictures along the way!

I have to share my favorite nail polish at the moment: Willow by Zoya

I find it to be just about the perfect shade of coral-y/orange-y pink for the spring/summer months. I've been wearing it non-stop on my toes and will wear it on my fingernails when I'm not working. It's a bit too bright and fun for the hospital, but totally suitable for weekend fun!

Here is what it looks like in the bottle:

I got this polish in one of their free nail polish giveaway (all you have to do is pay for shipping). I got Willow and Grace, but Grace ended up being a bit more neutral toned than pink for my skin tone. I still really like the color, since it's perfect for wearing to work. I should have taken a pic of it when I still had it on my fingernails, but I was too excited for the weekend and my nails and toes are both Willow-ed out.

So I got two nail polishes worth $16 for about $5.95 (shipping). Not a bad value, eh?!

What I especially love about Zoya is that their formula is on the runny side. I know, I know, then isn't it too sheer and lacks the color? Well, their formula also has a lot of longevity and all you really need to get the color payoff is two coats. Actually sometimes one really thick coat will do the job just as well (depends on how thickly you apply). I have had some of my Zoya polishes from 2+ years and they haven't dried out at all. I highly recommend them, especially when they're doing their polish giveaways!


  1. Love Zoya!! (:

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  2. I love that color, I just bought myself a similar one a few weeks ago! Following you now! :)

  3. thanks Cathy and YI-chia. I'll certainly check out your blogs!