Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blazer, shirt, & jeans on girls night

Some of the best times of my life is spending time with my girls, C, H, and J. We decided to meet for dinner and because we were going to Nippon, where parking is a pain, C and I met up at J's apartment to carpool to the place. H was with her brother and his gf, and they were going to meet us up later.

J is getting married soon and we've been helping her pick out things for her wedding and so I was helping out with her save the date. We decided a magnet would be a little different and unique, and J found a pretty good deal off a website, making it < $2 per. We were playing around with the features/templates/design when C arrived, then it was off to dinner!

Blazer :: Silence & Noise (here
Top :: J Crew
Bottom :: Gap
Shoes :: Frye (here)
Bag (forgot to picture) :: Proenza Schouler 

The ramen was decent (for where I live), but nowhere near as yummy as it is in NYC or Japan (but that's a given). I was pretty satisfied, especially since it got pretty chilly for it having been a mild weather. The only bad thing about Nippon was the wait. There was no standing room, so we were kind of blocking the waiting staff and it was just awkward, but the food salvaged the night. 

Above was the outfit I wore. I actually brought two blazers since I live outside the city and can't drive in and back easily just to change up my outfit if it gets colder. It actually got warmer as the day progressed. I've really been in a blazer and jeans type of mood and recently bought two blazers, both of which I wore out this weekend. 

The Silence & Noise one is comfortable and cut fairly well for a petite girl like me. The arm length is good, but my arms are fairly long for my height. I got it from Urban Outfitters when it was 29% off for leap year. Since I've never seen this particular blazer go on sale, I snatched it up. I read from previous reviews that the quality has decreased, but for $60, I didn't think it was terrible quality. It's okay quality for the price I got it at. For $80 though, it may not be worth it. 

Below is the other blazer I wore earlier on in the day when it was 10 degrees colder. This blazer is by Free People and I bought it for charity for $20, which is an amazing price! The quality is great for the price, but retail I believe it runs over $120. I'm not sure I would pay that much, but it is good quality, warm enough for 50ish weather, and has a unique cut. 

Scarf :: LF
Blazer :: Free People 
The rest detailed above!

The shirt I wore from J Crew is really lovely. It's a mauve-y purple and has these interesting pleats. I took a closeup for the shirt and blazer, since the scarf is covering up the best part. This shirt is one of my best purchases from J Crew (other than my Timex Traveler watch) as I adore the detail and the color. It's lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear. It looks good alone or underneath something else. I wish there'd been other colors when I bought it, alas... 

The last thing I must add is to say I love my Frye Carson boots! I must commend my bestest, M (who lives near the wonderful world of NYC), who talked up her Frye boots and made me lust for my own. I have to say the leather quality is amazing and these are really comfortable boots. I got mine on sale, so it was totally worth it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! (And don't forget to move your clocks forward an hour!)


  1. Super cute! I love Frye boots too! :)

  2. Love the boots! Hanging out with gal pals is always the best :)

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  3. cute boots!