Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brunch with the Girls

Today was one of my best girlfriend's birthday and what she wanted was to spend the day with us (her girlfriends). We started the day off by meeting at her house and then carpooling to brunch at Canopy. It was a very pretty, sunny day and we sat outside to enjoy the beautiful very spring-like weather. The food was good, we ordered poached egg, eggs sandwich, chicken salad, and topped off with a pitcher of blood orange mimosas to share.

Here is what the egg sandwich looked like:

We then went off to Coco's Crepes, but sadly I forgot to take any pics of the crepes and didn't think about it until we cut them up into tiny bits and well it didn't look attractive anymore.

My girlfriends and I are like sisters, we order family-style and we're always there for each other. I'm really blessed to have them in my life and they stuck with me through some really hard times. We met each other during first year of college and managed to maintain our friendship through medical school where we all journeyed off to different places.

From now on, I'll mention them by their initials, H, C, J, and X.

It didn't end with food, we then gossiped for a bit at H's house, caught up on each other's lives because we are rather busy souls as H, J, and X are in residency like me and C is finishing up her phd. We then ended up going shopping and stopping at Forever 21, where we all picked up a few cute things for the upcoming summer/spring and bought exactly the same belt (because when you are as close as we are, your tastes tend to run more similar than not).

Here's what I picked up:

C and X had already left to go to their respective evening/dinner plans and that left H, J, and me to grab dinner at Miyako's for reverse happy hour. We were stuffed afterwards and I then made my way home. I spent nearly 12 hours with some of the best people I know who I love and care about more than anything. What makes a better day than that?

Oh, last but not least, my outfit of the day:

scarf :: LF 
cardigan :: Urban Outfitters
top :: Banana Republic 
bottom :: Hudson 

I love the scarf, the pattern's so pretty that I actually have two of these scarves... the one pictured above and one in a turquoise-y blue. It's soft, comfortable and versatile, plus it adds some pizazz to my outfit. I know my style and it's too bad I live so far down South. I love to layer, but it's pretty impossible to layer here when it starts getting warm. Sigh. 

If only I didn't live in humid central, I could wear a scarf that beautiful and unique everyday!


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