Monday, March 5, 2012

Mondays and it's time to meet Kchan!

I think most people dread Mondays. I'm not any different, although sometimes Mondays really aren't any different than Saturdays or Sundays, depending on my work schedule. There are times when Mondays are day 8 of 12 in a row. This Monday capped the end of my vacation and I definitely felt it when I woke up. I lazed around in bed for a good 5 minutes before finally getting up and getting ready. I've pretty much perfected the art of getting ready in 15 minutes tops before heading out to my car because I pre-pack my bag so I don't have to get up any earlier than I have to for the hospital.

Here she is... all ready to go! My trusty Longchamp Le Pliage in Large (Bilberry) decorated with a Chococat! (I adore cute and cute + cat = mine).

So today I started a new rotation, moving from one hospital to another, and pretty much remember why I didn't choose Internal Medicine for my residency. It's not that I don't appreciate the bread and butter of medicine, but it's not something I would have wanted to do for the rest of my life. Right now I'm on medicine consults, which isn't as bad as wards. I get weekends off! (You don't know what a boon that is!) And I get normal working hours! (No 16 hour shifts... which is what we're capped off at as interns).

Well then I drove home since we didn't get any consults this afternoon and my upper level told me to go home before traffic got bad. It's awesome when you get understanding upper levels, they make your life so much easier and sweeter for sure.

And I come home to my baby, and her name is Kchan!

I used to call her Kitty-chan, but she outgrew her name when she started to be torso-wise as long as mine. She's a pretty big cat, about 13-14 lbs (maybe even 15 lbs but I stopped weighing her ages ago) and stopped growing about a year ago when she turned 3 years old. I'm almost positive she's part Maine Coon because normal domestic shorthair cats do not get this big! I like that her papers say she's a domestic shorthair when she clearly is not... Oh well, I love her anyway!

And man does she like to get into some mischief, here is a close up:

Back it up and you see the whole picture:

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Kchan is certainly enjoying herself, being the Queen of her Domain, looking over all her minions!


  1. hi dear,
    I love your blog. Look fashionable. And i like people who want to tell their simple diary, like you. Wanna follow each other? I'm so glad followed by stylish person like you. I'll be sure follow you back, hun.

    1. thanks I'll be sure to check it out.