Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Stripes & Pink Clutch

It's been a rather whirlwind week as D came back home! He arrived a day early while I was eating with my good guy friend, B at Uchi's. I was a bit torn between catching up with B and wanting to rush over to see D asap as he's been gone twice as long as was originally expected; however, I finished out the delicious dinner with B and watched an episode of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) at his apartment before meeting up with my boyfriend.  

If you haven't eaten at Uchi's, I highly recommend it! I will definitely have a post shortly about the yummy foods we tried out! Not only was it a great eating experience, it was an equally exceptional dining experience (i.e. service was top rate!).

Cardigan :: Forever 21
Top :: H&M
Bottoms :: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes :: Ann Taylor
Bag :: Proenza Schouler
Belt :: J.Crew