Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colored jeans & burnout tee

It's sunny and bright outside and I'm more than a little under the weather. Even though I'm sick, I still go to work everyday (which seems counter-intuitive when you work in a hospital), but you have responsibilities as a doctor and your patients can't be put off until the next day. The only time where I actually took a sick day was when my flight came in at 3 am because of engine problems and only because I had already pre-warned my co-resident that I wasn't going to make it in the next day and he was prepared.

However, I still went out for drinks on Tuesday (which probably wasn't the best idea) because one of my med school friends was in town for vacation and was flying out the next day back to his residency program in Ohio. It was a good excuse to dress up in my new colored jeans though!

Top :: Forever 21 (here)
Bottom :: Forever 21 (heresimilar)
Shoes :: Havianas (similar)
Bag :: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)

The material is cheap, but the jeans ran me $15 per vs. $50+ and I'm not convinced this trend will last even if it's a cute trend so I'm not going to invest a lot into it. The fit is okay. It runs a little large as I usually wear a 25. The inseam is too long for a shorter girl like me (I'm 5'2") at 31.8", but I solved the problems by folding the jeans inward as above and outward as below. But I think for the price, they're a good buy and I really do love the burnout tee, which is why I bought another one! I think these will eventually go back in stock at Forever 21 and if they do, snap it up or check your local store!

I got the light blue as pictured above and the mint green as shown below. I wanted the turquoise, but they didn't have any in my size. Oh well, I may splurge for a turquoise pair as I think that color may have more of a lasting impact. I do have to admit, I really do like the mint green color!

Isn't the color so spring-like and pretty? I think so! Let me know what you think of colored jeans for Spring 2012!


  1. CUTE! so summery.

    I like all your outfit compilations :)



  2. I love the mint jeans! I think the rolled up ends totally adds to the Spring look! I will have to look for these at F21! I don't wanna splurge or something that I might get tired of later (maybe..!)

    I just bought my very first pair of colored jeans, lol many years too late! They are in between a green and blue.. Not really turquoise though. I got them on clearance for $15, so why not!? And they're SUPER stretchy! I feel like the material is better than F21 standards :) Even though they are getting better quality!

    Thanks for sharing :)

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    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  3. Love the jeans, great colors! Hope you feel better!

  4. cute and laid back outfit! hope you feel better and have a great weekend!