Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peach twill & lace tunic

Today I went to my grandmother's grave. It's a well-known and well-observed holiday honoring the deceased for my ethnic background (Chinese/Vietnamese). My family and I go every year during this time to bring my grandmother her favorite foods, light incense and pray for her well-being, and burn paper money and gold so that she has everything she needs in her afterlife.

The day was beautiful -- bright and sunny and a little on the warm side -- so I dressed appropriately with an OOTD that wouldn't cause me to sweat underneath the hot rays.

Top :: Forever 21 & A|X
Bottom :: Forever 21
Bag :: Proenza Schouler
Shoes :: Toms 
Accessories :: Forever 21

I actually recently got some peach colored twill pants, which were the same price as my colored jeans, but a lot softer and definitely more comfortable (basically better quality overall, so I'm pleased with the purchase). I also picked up a lace tunic that might be a tad long and can make me look shapeless; however, I figured a belt would solve the issue rather nicely. With this outfit, since I wore it with a shorter top strap from A|X, I thought it worked quite well without a belt. I topped the look off with a long gold double chain necklace with an antiqued gold look that adds to the outfit without going overboard.

I felt the lace tunic was good quality for the price ($10.80) despite the long length and the boxy fit, and the necklace ($5.80) also not bad either. The twill pants were definitely worthwhile for ($15.80). I couldn't find any links of them online, but I found them in stock in stores so definitely check your local Forever 21.

BTW, I know people rave (and sometimes rant) about Toms being comfortable and they most definitely are after a teensy-bitsy break-in period. I pretty much have to break-in all my shoes, but these are consistently my go-to pair of shoes when I know I'll have to be walking for any sort of distance! And despite the fact they aren't chic, trendy, or cute... comfort counts for a lot when you do as much walking as I do on a daily basis!

I hope everyone had a great and amazing weekend!

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  1. So sweet. Love the pink pants, perfect for the occasion. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee