Monday, April 30, 2012

Bag fetish like Mommy!

If you don't know this already, I adore my Kchan. I don't exactly spoil her rotten though my mom likes to protests otherwise. Most people who don't like cats; however, don't mind Kchan. A few that don't have any real fondness for felines really really like Kchan. I guess it's because even though she's a cat, she acts quite like a dog in some respects?

Early on, I reinforced good behavior in her. I don't let her scratch people or furniture (she has her specific carpets and scratching toys); I don't let her bite; I don't let her whine and get what she wants, unless she's politely reminding me to feed her before I leave for work!

What I noticed (which may or may not be true of all pets) is that Kchan resembles me in a lot of ways. She's mellow, likes to get her way but isn't too petulant when she doesn't, and she's definitely nice to you when she wants something... LOL. And she has a bit of a bag fetish...

Probably one of the cutest things she does, aside from getting herself into ridiculous scrapes... is talkback to me when I talk to her. It sounds pretty ridiculous on my end since I'm meowing at my cat, but she does respond and it's adorable. Her only other real trick is when I hold out of my hand within the range of her being able to stand up on her hind legs to bump her head against it. It's what I make her do before I feed her or play with her. Sometimes, I ask her for the hell of it and when she's obliging she'll do it. 

I try not to leave any bags lying around anymore because she really likes to get into them. I worry that she'll choke herself accidentally, but I couldn't resist taking these pictures when she wiggled her way into them and I will let her play with them when I'm around to watch her. Kchan is basically my baby and I love her. 

<3 Kchan!