Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy, busy weekend!

My boyfriend, D left again for another business trip this weekend and I was left to my own devices... where I caught up with an old guy friend, A on Saturday and had a lovely day of brunch and shopping on Sunday with S. My OOTDs were all various creations that you've already seen so this time I'll concentrate on FOOD (which I've sadly neglected!).

I'll start with Rattan, an Asian fusion restaurant and wine bar, where I feasted on a Kobe Beef Hot Dog! It was as good as A said it was going to be and definitely something I wouldn't mind having again. The meat was tasty without being too salty and was topped with a nice punch of onions and tomatoes on pretzel bread! 

I hadn't seen A for a while because he's been offshore a bunch for work, but he's gotten a lull period (much to his relief and disgruntlement as he's paid a lot better when he goes offshore; however, he doesn't want to be off as much as he has been... he likes a balance like any sane person would). We caught up, he dished about the drama in his life, and he took me out on his Alfa which was a blast because of the perfect weather! 

I called it an early night though and headed home because I was up at 5 am with D before his 11 am flight. He definitely keeps very odd hours because of his work and I'll be relieved when he returns from his business trip as his hours are suppose to improve significantly. If they don't, I will take it in stride as I've been for the last two months.

The highlight of the weekend though was Sunday with S. We headed off to brunch mid-morning at Tiny Boxwood's, which is a cute brunch place with interesting assortment of breakfast-y pizzas! S and I decided on the Potato and Egg Pizza with Pesto... and of course, it was super yummy! S was pleasantly surprised since she didn't think she would like it that much when she saw other fellow brunchers eating  them as we waited in the fairly long line to get into the restaurant. The pizza was thin, interesting, and definitely delicious. I've had it before and was pretty confident she would like it as well (thank goodness, she did!).

We also shared a cinnamon roll, which was decent, but nothing overwhelming or unique. I've been to Tiny Boxwood's a few times and have always had a good experience there despite the lines and limited seating. It's something I would recommend as it's got a picturesque setting and good eating! And what more could you want than that?

S and I then hit the Galleria, which is a pretty massive mall, and shopped to our heart's content. I was on a no-buy budget, which I broke to pick up some dark gray Abercrombie & Fitch Perfect Fit Jeggings (here, but in khaki). They were super soft, well-fitting, and the inseam wasn't too long for a short 5'2" girl like me. I basically bought them though because they were ridiculously comfortable to wear because I wasn't suppose to be buying anything! 

My last purchase of the day wasn't for me, which made it OK. I stopped by Papyrus with S and got cards for my cousin (getting married), my mom (celebrating her birthday), my friend (soon to be graduating), and a random birthday card that I know I'll give to someone someday! S also did her card shopping and we definitely pick up some great cards for everybody. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with someone you have a great time with!

<3 S!

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!


  1. i love your PS1 bag! how is the leather holding up so far? i'm debating between leather or suede... :)